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Empowering Black Young Womxn and Gender-Expansive Youth through transformative learning experiences, justice, and peacemaking, fostering collective liberation and healing.

We envision a world where Black young womxn and gender-expansive youth of color reclaim their power and agency, driving positive change in their communities. Through the PeaceKeepHers Fellowship, we strive to create a world where Black young womxn and gender-expansive youth reclaim their power, driving positive change through justice, peacemaking, and community transformation.


What is a PeaceKeep(H)er

  • Both Peacebuilder + Circle Keeper; Warrior + Healer

  • A Weapon of Mass Construction; weapons of mass love; weapons of mass joy

  • Changers of systems, community and changer of self

  • Prayer + Affirmation "May Peace Keep Her."

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5-day B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Retreat

Monthly Learning Sessions

Bi-weekly virtual Earthseed Circles

One-on-One Coaching & Support


  • Black young womxn and gender-expansive young people of color aged 16-24.

  • Lives in New York City 

  • Interested in peace-building, justice advocacy, and peacemaking circle keeping.


Peer Mentoring

Experiential Practicums

Immersive Learning & Travel Experience



  • Application process

  • Attendance at The Breathe Retreat

  • 3 monthly Cohort meetings

  • Book study, circle engagement, and journal exercises

  • 2 Peacemaking Circles (Practicuum)

  • 2 Group mentored experience activities

  • Design and facilitate a justice-centered activity or event in the community

  • Participate in fundraising for the immersive travel experience

  • $1,500 stipend will be earned for full participation in the program


Learn more about our year-long PeaceKeepHers cohort today. 

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