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We curate culinary experiences and cultivate community through food, black joy, culture, and holistic wellness.

Breathe Cafe was established in August 2017 with a mission to provide nourishing meals for the weekly circles involving girls and young women from The Breathe Collective. This initiative was driven by the limited availability of healthy food options in our community, which did not align with the healing intentions of our journey.


Taking matters into our own hands, we took up the responsibility of preparing the meals for the program. Through cooking, we discovered the power of using fresh ingredients and exploring innovative ways to heal our bodies.


Meet The

Culinary Curator

Quandisha German-Ellis

The founder of BREATHE Cafe, where she strives to bring healing back to community and relationship building through food as a praxis.


We offer catering, holistic nutritionist coaching + consulting, and wellness workshops. Explore our website for more information on our services.


Contribute to a meaningful cause and make a difference in the community. Donate now to support The Breathe Collective and help nourish future programs and events. Your contribution will help feed and sustain those who benefit from our initiatives.

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