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Balance. Restore. Empower. Affirm. Transform. Heal. Embody.


Circles was founded in 2014 in The Bronx, NY after developing the first gendered specific restorative justice peacemaking circle program model for juvenile justice impacted girls in New York City. Since its inception, B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Circles has been an integral part in the movement growth of Restorative Justice in New York City Community based organizations, Government Agencies, and New York City’s Department of Education.

WIth a wide variety of expertise in restorative work, both community and school based, B.R.E.A.T.H.E is able to offer meaningful, differentiated and targeted dialogues, professional development, and coaching to new and fluent practitioners of this work, to support them in growing their community's Restorative Culture.

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Ashley Ellis & Quandisha German-Ellis

Co-Founders, The Breathe Collective

Ashley Ellis and Quandisha German-Ellis are the visionary founders behind Breathe Cafe, a transformative culinary and healing space. With a shared passion for using food, storytelling, and restorative practices, they bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to empowering individuals and fostering community.

Ashley, born and raised on Chicago's West Side, is a restorative justice practitioner, circle keeper, and bridge builder. For over a decade, she has been a peacemaker and a catalyst for positive change. Ashley's transformative work includes making restorative justice and peacemaking accessible to youth, schools, organizations, and communities across the nation. She is the visionary behind B.R.E.A.T.H.E: Circles for My Sistas, a groundbreaking program that provides sacred healing and restorative space for black and brown girls and transgender/non-conforming youth.

Quandisha, a Culinary Curator and wellness advocate, brings her New York City roots and a country girl spirit to Breathe Cafe. With a background in social work and a belief in the power of community and collective wisdom, she founded the cafe to bring healing and relationship-building through food.


Together, Ashley and Quandisha merge their expertise in restorative justice, social work, culinary arts, and community building to create holistic spaces that promote balance, restoration, empowerment, and transformation. Join them at Breathe Cafe and experience their profound dedication to healing, love, and positive change for individuals and communities.


NiNi West

Community Specialist

NiNi championed Bronx youth through advocacy and co-founding Urban Girl Magic.


After moving to Charlotte, she started the "Dynamic Steppers" at a local school and aspires to open a group home.

Carmen Dixon 

Program Assistant

Carmen is a community organizer, educator, and impact strategist.


She joins The BREATHE Collective as Program Assistant for Who Keeps the Keeper. 


NYC Department of Education: Access Affinity
NYCDOE Annual Youth Summit
Girls for Gender Equity
Kings Against Violence Initiative
Tacoma Department of Health
Mayor’s Office for Gun Violence Prevention
Children’s Village
Evergreen College of Tacoma Washington
Community Connections for Youth
Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention\
NYC Department of Health
Uptown Youth Opportunity hub
S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective
Rise Magazine
United Stated Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Trinity Wallstreet
The Bronx Defenders
OM in Africa Project

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