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The BREATHE Circles creates safe space for community, schools, and organizations to Balance, Restore, Empower, Affirm, Transform, Heal, and Embody love in a community that nourishes the whole self. Through Restorative and Healing Justice Practices, Peacemaking Circles, training and technical assistance, we strengthen community relations, transform harm and heal ourselves as we transform and heal the world around us.

Weekly Meetings


Black & Brown Women


Safe Spaces



Restorative Justice training introduces Peace Circles rooted in Indigenous and African philosophies. Participants learn and practice these values to apply them in their communities.

  • Trainings 

    • Restorative Justice Philosophy 

    • Restorative Justice Implementation

    • Peace Circle Keeping



Learn the foundational understanding to: 

  • Philosophy and Practices of Restorative Justice 

  • Youth Restorative Justice

  • Youth / Adult Partnerships

  • Community Care & Wellness 

  • Practitioners / Organizational Leadership in RJ


Want to integrate Restorative Justice into your workspace or school? Interested in transforming your organizational culture? Explore how Restorative Justice can revamp shared spaces and work climates. Experience a Peace Circle and heal work-related harm. With over 10 years of expertise working with esteemed organizations, we deliver transformative insights, offering guidance and facilitating Restorative Justice practices for any environment.



Individual Coaching (1-2 hours):

  • Single sessions or discounted monthly commitments.

  • Guidance on personal challenges, trauma transformation, and uncovering unique potentials.

  • Custom sessions focused on passions, goals, and actionable plans.

Group/Organization Sessions (2-25 participants):

  • Ideal for school administrators and community coordinators.

  • Conducted via preferred online platforms.

  • Starts with a needs assessment, followed by comprehensive group discussions.

  • Addresses gaps, staff conflict resolution, policy tweaks, and climate shifts.


Thinking about starting a Peace, Talking, or Healing Circle? It's a great way to bring people together and really talk things out. Let's dive into it and begin this journey together!

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We offer holistic retreats centered on wellness, justice, and relationship-building for:

  • Restorative Justice practitioners

  • Front Line Workers

  • Black women & girls

  • Schools

  • Organizations

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Experience the power of community and join us in our next sista circle. Register now for a sacred space where you can find solace and connect with individuals who share your experiences and identity

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