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The Peacekeep(H)er Youth Justice Fellowship is a year long commitment with both virtual and in person opportunities grounded holistically in deep study of the self, spirit, and community in relationship to restorative, transformative, and healing justice.

Program information

We're Going to South Africa!

We are in the process of fundraising for our inaugural annual cohort trip to Africa and would greatly appreciate your support to enhance this journey through your generous donations.

Meet Our Cohort

Diamond Mark.JPG

Diamond Mark


“I am a PEACEKEEPER, therefore I am an intuitive, empathetic healer”

Isatou Jammeh.JPG

Isatou Jammeh


“I am a Peacekeep(H)er, it’s all in my blood! I stand within my ancestral revolutionary and rebellious linage 💜”

Kayla Foster.JPG

Kayla Foster


“I am a Peacekeep(H)er. I lead with love and cultivate expansive healing spaces that bridge the gap between imagination and impact.”

Leila Kashani-Sabet.JPG

Leila Kashini-Sabet


“I am a Peacekeep(H)er. I create portals to honor and activate the collective knowledge of my community. I transform the world by transforming myself”

Winita Green_edited.png

Winita Green


“I am a Peacekeep(H)er I embrace a gentle strength rooted in my love for being in community that helps foster and nurture connections sparking radical joy.”

Jasmine Fuller_edited.jpg

Jasmine Fuller


“I am a Peacekeep(H)er. I use my skills as an activist to lead the next generation of leaders to heal, transform and restore.”

Interested in becoming a part?

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