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Facing History: Youth Restorative Justice In Action!

In collaboration with Peer Connect, we launched the Youth Restorative Justice program with students within NYC public schools. YRJ empowers youth by elevating their voices to address disproportionality and inequity in schools. During spring break, we went on a Social Justice Action Trip. We traveled with 17 students from New York City to Washington, DC, Greensboro, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

One of the major highlights of the trip was our visit to Greensboro, North Carolina. Our first stop was to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (add link). We partnered with Motivated and Empowered (ME) which is a collective of college students who provide mentorship and resources to high school students as they transition from high school. ME is led by Daniel Bryant, who graciously welcomed us to A&T's campus. Students had the opportunity to tour the university and participate in a Q&A session with college students. Students also got a chance to visit the A&T Four statue, which is of the four students of A&T who put their lives on the line by participating in sit-ins during the civil rights movement. Afterwards, we visited the historical Beloved Community Center, where the students had the opportunity to meet and speak with Ms. Joyce, TC, and Mr Louis, who were all apart of the civil rights movement and events that took place in Greensboro, NC. The students and adult partners were intrigued and honored to be in the presence of people who made a difference in the lives of others and who are ultimately responsible for much of our freedom today.

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